Elaine's story


After struggling to access her garden and bathroom facilities, 93-year-old Elaine* and her son John reached out to our

HomePlus team to see if they could help. 


Following her diagnosis of Osteoarthritis – a condition which affects mobility and can cause joint pain - daily tasks such as leaving her home or using the shower were becoming both difficult and unsafe.   


With her mobility worsening over the last 12 months, it was important to John that he found a contractor who understood her needs and had experience in installing accessible bathrooms.  


After approaching Age UK and Social Services for advice, John was put in touch with HomePlus in hopes of making her bungalow safer and more accessible.   


“I didn’t want someone to just rip the bathroom out” he explained, “because most of what was already there was okay. We wanted to use what we had.” 


According to John, HomePlus “ticked all the boxes” and it wasn’t long before they got to work planning with the rest of the team.  


John met with our Adaptions Delivery Lead, Simon Kingsley-Davey to discuss what could be done to help Elaine. 


“I found Simon very knowledgeable and easy to get along with. He was very practical and looked at ways to make it easier and cheaper for us.” 


Despite complications early on, John was very pleased with their patience and willingness to go above and beyond what was asked of them.  


“Mum kept changing her mind about what she wanted, but to HomePlus’ credit, they were very flexible throughout the job.” 


The work involved converting the space into a wet room, with added handles and a mounted shower chair to support her while she uses her new bathroom.  


After four days, the work on her new bathroom had finished, and John says he’s delighted with the result.  

John said: “They’ve delivered everything she wanted. It was well designed, and mum feels very safe using it.” 


“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them in the future, and I think mum would do the same.” 


*name changed for confidentiality

Sarah's story


Back in September, we met 54-year-old Sarah Collins, a mum from Boston whose life was turned upside down after falling in her bathroom and breaking her collarbone.  


Following this, everyday tasks such as accessing her bath and standing in the shower were becoming more difficult. 


Worried that her mobility was worsening over time, Sarah reached out to her local council and asked for a grant to help her fund the home adaptations she’d need.  


Once approved, she decided she would start by making her bathroom more accessible.  


To complete the works, Sarah got in touch with our HomePlus team; specialists in tailored home adaptations for the elderly and those living with disabilities.  


Shortly before lockdown began in March, our Adaptions Delivery Lead Simon paid Sarah and her family a visit to discuss her options.  


It was agreed that they would build her a new bathroom from scratch featuring a walk-in shower, handrails and brand-new tiling that she could pick out herself.  

Following lockdown, the team returned in mid-September to begin the works and Sarah couldn’t be more pleased with the results. 


Describing her new bathroom, Sarah says she’s grateful that HomePlus have finally given her a bathroom she can be proud of. 


She said: “It’s fantastic for my mobility and looks superb.” 


“It’s an absolute dream of a bathroom and has made such a difference to my life. 

Margaret's story


After struggling to access her downstairs bathroom, Margaret O’Brian wanted to make life a little easier for herself by investing in a new upstairs wash basin. 


Margaret struggles with reduced mobility and requires a constant supply of oxygen to help her breathe.  


To help her live comfortably despite her disabilities, her local council arranged for her home to be fitted with a new wet room and stairlift.  


While the changes had helped make her property more accessible, Margaret was concerned that her nightly trips to the bathroom and kitchen were becoming dangerous.  


Describing her difficulties, Margaret says it often took her “more than half an hour to get a drink”, with the journey leaving her tired and short of breath.  


When speaking to her neighbours, Margaret learned that one of them had recently had a new wash basin fitted upstairs in their property. 


Inspired by the idea, she got back in touch with the council and asked if they could offer her something similar.   


After being quoted a wait time of two years, she was referred to Acis in hopes of getting the work done sooner.  


Margaret reached out to our HomePlus team around seven weeks ago, and while a series of unrelated interruptions had delayed the project, works were finally completed mid-september. 


Describing it as her “personal little bathroom”, she says her new sink has really “changed things for the better.” 


“I’m ever so pleased with the way they’ve done it. I can have a wash and a drink upstairs now. All these little things have made a big difference.”